Cutting Together-apart/ Exhibit / Talk

Sokaina exhibit

May 31 - 12 th, 2017, I wiill have a show at KEA pop up shop. The exhibition is a part of my ongoing PhD project Diffractive image-making (KEA. Copenhagen School of Design & Technology & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design). I have been exploring the becoming of identites through images amongst young immigrant girls in Copenhagen. As part of the project a photobook has been made for, about and with Sokaina - one of the participants in the project. Or rather: a photobook for the imaginary unborn daughter Sokaina hope to have in a ( near or distant) future.

On May 31st I Sokaina and I will discuss the project.

Opening hours : May 31 - 12 th, 2017. Monday to friday 14-16.