Charting the Invisible - Chapter II


From 30/10-14/12/2018 I will be showing work at the group exhibition ‘Charting the Invisible - Chapter II,’ Pavilhão 31, Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

From the text by curators:

The fact that not everything can be seen, does not mean it does not exist. Nor does it mean that it cannot become in some way present. That is the logic of maps: they give presence and offer the opportunity of visualising places and information that would be inaccessible from immediate perception. Invisibility and absence are, thus, vital notions to cartography. That is perhaps why maps are such a powerful means of conveying and understanding new worlds—real or imagined. Because their meaning lies in the evocation of what is left out of the physical frame of representation. While historically linked to formations (and contestations) of power and knowledge, cartographic impulses also respond to an inner, human necessity for location and orientation. The second chapter of ‘Charting the Invisible’ is particularly interested in exploring a sense of place, and our place in it. It gathers intimate geographies, personal landscapes, collective identities, dislocated worlds, imaginary territories, urban environments with uneasy histories and temporalities—all suggesting how place is a mobile and ever-changing category, even if not always a visible one. The exhibition investigates paradoxes of presence and absence, through photographic projects that differently imagine cartographic interpretations of the real. The map, after all, is never the territory. Gathering the work of 25 photographers, the exhibition offers a dialogue between Portuguese artists and international members of the Urban Photographers Association (UPA).

This is the second chapter, written from Lisbon, of an exhibition originally conceived and presented in London, in 2017.

Featured Artists: Kamal Badhey | Stefano Carnelli | Paulo Catrica | Andy Day | Diego Ferrari | Lauren Finch | Lene Hald | Paul Halliday | Sayed Hasan | Tanya Houghton | Rachel Jones | Maria José | David Kendall | Luís Lemos | Pedro Letria | Rebecca Locke | Bas Losekoot | Luc Pauwels | Vrinda Seksaria | Yanina Shevchenko | Konstantin Sergeyev | Manuel Vazquez | Nai Wen Hsu | Gesche Würfel | Kyler Zeleny Curated by Susana S. Martins, Stefano Carnelli, Tanya Houghton

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