From November 4th to November 18th I will be showing new work at NW Gallery CPH in the group show Grief. From the Gallery text: In this group exhibition artists explore how creating art can be a source for working yourself through a crisis of personal grief. By depicting grief and the healing process, the artists goes to their inner self; investigates, search and in a personal way show ways to deal with grief and pain. It can be by travelling physically or mentally, turning the camera onto themselves, using their own bodies and faces, to go through archives and diaries, organic material, to make symbols to describe their emotions and pure expressions and to analyze dreams and memories. The projects touches the process of healing, to look death in the eye, to be angry, sad, to let go, to accept, to loose control, how to go on living after grief. And it reminds us to live life fully when we have it and asks questions regarding the right to choose life or not. With this exhibition we want to open up for more openness regarding concealement, shame and forgiveness.