OUT NOW! SCENARIO magazine has done a feature on my latest photographic work and engaged in conversation around research, photography, epigenetic and how our bodies are affected by the social and the stories that come before us.

Non-anthropocentric Design & Image-making

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I recently finished teaching a four week long course at KEA Copenhagen School of Design & Technology. The focus was non-anthropocentric book-making, more-than-human design and the UN sustainable development goal 13: Action to combat climate change. Above two images from the course showing a design experiment on making drawings with the wind. By Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson. Sympoiesis all the way down.


Wtitten note from Søren - a participant with Parkinson disease. When asked to share advice for the younger generation he wrote:  “Be happy and be yourself”.

Wtitten note from Søren - a participant with Parkinson disease. When asked to share advice for the younger generation he wrote: “Be happy and be yourself”.

Yesterday we had a vernissage at Paraplyen (The Umbrella), Frederiksberg. On show was work produced during a series of participatory workshops held at the social café’s guests and volunteers. It was developed and facilitated by Stine Behrendtzsen (a colleague from KEA/the design school where I teach) and I. The final images presented yesterday was the result of a series of workshops where the users shared life stories while visualising aspects of these stories. Paraplyen is a social KFUK café providing activities and help for anyone that needs to be part of a supportive environment. The workshop was part of an initiative exploring what agencies might emerge when introducing storytelling, visual methods and co-designerly processes in relation to social engagement.

Group show: The Year

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From 25.1.2019 - 3.2.2019 I have been part of the group show "Året – København”. From the text about the project:

We are proud to present the exhibition "Året – København, 2018” ("The Year - Copenhagen 2018”), which will be showing a new take on the material gathered throughout the photobook series Året / The Year. In the exhibition we present you with 28 handpicked works produced by 24 of the 80 photographic artists, who have participated with work in one of the 12 books portraying Copenhagen during 2018. The exhibition takes a fresh look at the work produced for the book series, mixes it up and compiles it into an exhibition that rethinks The Year as four seasons rather than singular months.

On the same day we open the exhibition, we also have the honour of hosting the very last book launch of the very last book in the series - “Året – København, december 2018” (The Year – Copenhagen, December 2018).

Participating artists in “Året – København, december 2018” (The Year – Copenhagen, December 2018):
Sune Amstrup, Lotte Fløe Christensen, Mette Colberg, Marie Drotner Frost, Peter Klint, Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen, The Defect OM-1 Project and Birk Thomassen.

Participating artists in the exhibition ”ÅRET - KØBENHAVN 2018” (THE YEAR – COPENHAGEN 2018):
Emma Christensen, Jonas Fogh, Lene Hald, Emilie Morgan Hemmingshøj, Johan Peter Jønsson, Søren Lilholt, Sara Lubich, Ann Massal, Julia Mejnertsen, Åsa Mossberg, Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen, Dan Frisk Petersen, Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen, Nadia Marilena Roccato, Victoria Salomonsen, Lise Saxtrup, Inuuteq Storch, Carl-Mikael Ström, Ursula Tarp, The Defect OM-1 Project, Nathalie Walker, Sussie Weinold, Ulrikke Helene Winther and Nina Worren.

Book launch and opening is on 24. January 2019 from 16-20, and we look forward to welcoming you all, wish you a happy New Year and celebrate a succesfully completed 2018.

About The Year
Året, København 2018 (The Year, Copenhagen 2018) is a monthly photobook publication featuring contemporary works by Copenhagen-based photographers engaged in portraying the city of Copenhagen during 2018. The chosen photographers spend the 20 first days of the month photographing the city; consequently a photobook is put together featuring the results. Presenting different artists every month, Året will gather throughout the year a growing and diverse collection of perspectives and practices.
While Copenhagen has been named the most liveable city in the world several times, and we have seen many beautiful vistas of the Danish capital, the reality is always far more complex. This diary representing varied and personal points of view will offer readers an uncensored and unfiltered portrait of the city:
“This is our Copenhagen”.


I have an interest in how our perception of the image is changed when photographs are lifted from the screen and become tactile and physical. For the works on show at the exhibition Grief I have worked with large photographic print on semi-transparent and fluid silk.

Video from the group show Grief, NW Gallery Cph, DK. Film by



From November 4th to November 18th I will be showing new work at NW Gallery CPH in the group show Grief. From the Gallery text: In this group exhibition artists explore how creating art can be a source for working yourself through a crisis of personal grief. By depicting grief and the healing process, the artists goes to their inner self; investigates, search and in a personal way show ways to deal with grief and pain. It can be by travelling physically or mentally, turning the camera onto themselves, using their own bodies and faces, to go through archives and diaries, organic material, to make symbols to describe their emotions and pure expressions and to analyze dreams and memories. The projects touches the process of healing, to look death in the eye, to be angry, sad, to let go, to accept, to loose control, how to go on living after grief. And it reminds us to live life fully when we have it and asks questions regarding the right to choose life or not. With this exhibition we want to open up for more openness regarding concealement, shame and forgiveness.

Charting the Invisible - Chapter II


From 30/10-14/12/2018 I will be showing work at the group exhibition ‘Charting the Invisible - Chapter II,’ Pavilhão 31, Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

From the text by curators:

The fact that not everything can be seen, does not mean it does not exist. Nor does it mean that it cannot become in some way present. That is the logic of maps: they give presence and offer the opportunity of visualising places and information that would be inaccessible from immediate perception. Invisibility and absence are, thus, vital notions to cartography. That is perhaps why maps are such a powerful means of conveying and understanding new worlds—real or imagined. Because their meaning lies in the evocation of what is left out of the physical frame of representation. While historically linked to formations (and contestations) of power and knowledge, cartographic impulses also respond to an inner, human necessity for location and orientation. The second chapter of ‘Charting the Invisible’ is particularly interested in exploring a sense of place, and our place in it. It gathers intimate geographies, personal landscapes, collective identities, dislocated worlds, imaginary territories, urban environments with uneasy histories and temporalities—all suggesting how place is a mobile and ever-changing category, even if not always a visible one. The exhibition investigates paradoxes of presence and absence, through photographic projects that differently imagine cartographic interpretations of the real. The map, after all, is never the territory. Gathering the work of 25 photographers, the exhibition offers a dialogue between Portuguese artists and international members of the Urban Photographers Association (UPA).

This is the second chapter, written from Lisbon, of an exhibition originally conceived and presented in London, in 2017.

Featured Artists: Kamal Badhey | Stefano Carnelli | Paulo Catrica | Andy Day | Diego Ferrari | Lauren Finch | Lene Hald | Paul Halliday | Sayed Hasan | Tanya Houghton | Rachel Jones | Maria José | David Kendall | Luís Lemos | Pedro Letria | Rebecca Locke | Bas Losekoot | Luc Pauwels | Vrinda Seksaria | Yanina Shevchenko | Konstantin Sergeyev | Manuel Vazquez | Nai Wen Hsu | Gesche Würfel | Kyler Zeleny Curated by Susana S. Martins, Stefano Carnelli, Tanya Houghton

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Artist's talk, Four Corners Gallery, London

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On October 5th, 2018 I will be giving the Urban Photographer's Association Annual Lecture at Four Corners Gallery, E2, London, UK. The talk is named Photography, Care & Co-creation. The talk is held in relation to the exhibit “(City)Stories”. On show is work by graduates from Goldsmiths, University of London, MA in Photography & Urban Cultures.

Ph.D. defence


So I finally finished my PhD thesis 'Photographic Design Anthropology. Becoming through diffractive image-making and entangled visions in a Copenhagen immigrant youth context'. Four years of study into feminist techno science, photography and designerly approaches to field engagement has now been boiled down to this publication.

Året, København 2018/The Year, Copenhagen 2018

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From the 1-20 of April 2018 I have been photographing for the book project ‘Året, København 2018/The Year, Copenhagen 2018’. Each month throughout 2018 a group of photographers will describe the city through their eyes and each month publisher Blankt Papir will put out a book with these pictures. Look out for the book of April.

London Urban Photo Festival: Charting the Invisible


London Urban Photo Festival is running from 10 - 15 November 2017. As part of this I am showing a collaborative project made with the Italian photographer and architect Stefano Carnelli at APT Gallery, London. The show is called Charting The Invisible (2017) and our works are in different ways documenting traces of the current refugee crisis in Europe. Stefano worked from Berlin and I from Copenhagen. Stefano explored  building that are used to host refugees in Berlin - schools, hospitals, a congress centre – and mapped out how the urban space responded to this almost invisible presence of immigrants and refugees. I visited the reception and departure centre for refugees, Sandholm, located 30 km north of Copenhagen, exploring the site through found objects, and text related to the production of the images on show. 

Cutting Together-apart/ Exhibit / Talk

Sokaina exhibit

May 31 - 12 th, 2017, I wiill have a show at KEA pop up shop. The exhibition is a part of my ongoing PhD project Diffractive image-making (KEA. Copenhagen School of Design & Technology & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design). I have been exploring the becoming of identites through images amongst young immigrant girls in Copenhagen. As part of the project a photobook has been made for, about and with Sokaina - one of the participants in the project. Or rather: a photobook for the imaginary unborn daughter Sokaina hope to have in a ( near or distant) future.

On May 31st I Sokaina and I will discuss the project.

Opening hours : May 31 - 12 th, 2017. Monday to friday 14-16.


Exhibition: Visual Sociology and Methodologies

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If in Canada you are very welcome the opening of the VISUAL SOCIOLOGY EXHIBITION: FAR AND WIDE.

Date & Location: May 29- June 2 Time: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM daily at Ryerson University, Totonto, Canada.

Opening reception May 30th at 12:30-1:30

I am participating with visuals from my ongoing Ph.D. project, and the exhibition is a diverse visual exploration of how communicative research methods pertaining to sociology have the potential for the inclusion of different ideas, geographies, cultures, countries, schools of thought and disciplines, encouraging cross-collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to visual research.

The exhibition is to be held in relation to the 2017 Canadian Sociological Association Conference at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Ryerson University. The exhibition is a cross disciplinary event with the Canadian Communications Association.

Organizers: Gloria Johnston, University of New Brunswick; Kyler Zeleny, University of Alberta